Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Pimpin' new/used Ride

For some reason my car had no windsurfing gear in it that night. Usually it's packed with more equipment than one would think physically possible. I'll take the boards off the roof for safe keeping but I'm never ambitious enough to remove my quiver of sails, masts, booms, extensions, ect from the trunk and yet for some reason on this night, I did.
So when a drunk driver decided to plow into my parked Hyundai at 3 am, he destroyed only my car and none of the gear which is usually inside. That's right, all the gear was safe.
So with all the means to get on the water but lacking the means to actually get to the water, it was time to go car shopping.
So you may ask "what kind of vehicle 23 year old with an insurance check and a dream go out an purchase?" What is fast, sexy, something that all the ladies will love, and still have room for windsurfing gear? Well, at least there's room for windsurfing gear.
It's a Mini Van.


  1. minivans are the new Vans! All your boards are under 8 feet so you're set.

    Continued good luck with your rides (good news that neither your gear nor you were hurt!)

  2. I love antique minivans. I am look for this information. Please help me. Thanks.