Thursday, October 15, 2009

Columbus Day Wind Weekend

I flew in to Long Island's JFK airport Saturday evening watching the white caps on the Atlantic from my window seat. The sun was setting quickly so I knew a session was out of the question and not having seen my family or friends since the June ECWF I was content with relinquishing any thoughts of windsurfing upon arrival. But still, being on Long Island in October, in prime wind season, I was hoping deeply for a classic West Meadow session and on the last day of my stay, the meadow delivered.

It was great seeing the West Meadow crew in full force as winds quickly climbed into the mid twenties with higher gusts, sending sailors scurrying in for their small gear. Most of the guys ended up rigging in the low 4's.

I, not having any of my own gear, ended up borrowing Mike's 4.7 and smaller 85 ltr style.

Every one was jumping, sliding, wave riding and smiling. The level of Long Island sailing has grown constantly over the years, and Tuesday was a great show case.

I saw some great sailing from Joe and Ryan, who both seemed to be air borne every time I looked in their directions. Gorge Pav was looking very Spock worthy and Rich Simmons took advantage of the remaining flat water on the inside.

Mike Burns out there killing it as usual, shredding the Shaka and throwing big planing Ponches amongst his usual repertoire...

In the end it was a classic West Meadow session, flat freestyle insides leading to chest high waves on the out side. I had been thinking about this place all summer long, and it made my stay to score a sick session.

A special thanks to everyone who offered to lend me gear!

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  1. It was great having you back. Be sure and persuade Pete to get you a nice shot in Windsport while you're down in baja. You're sailing was on a whole different level form when you left.

    Keep ripping it up,