Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Tale of Two Grommets

Checking out the 2010 gear I noticed a bunch of  features that look to improve windsurfing. The idea of dual outhaul grommets is not new but it's certainly the most effective the industry has been in utalizing its potential.
In particular the North Ice that drew my attention. 
Experimenting with their system I found that I could signifcantly change the power of the sail without adjusting boom length or down haul tension, but by simply changing the grommet, and was able to do so without drastically changing the overall feel of the sail. I liked them so much I bought three, and I'm looking to possibly pick up two more.                                                    
Take a look at                         

Rig to the top to max your efficiency or to the bottom to with stand gut wrenching gusts.

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