Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rob Warwick Video

Here's another great clip from Cold Water productions, this time of Gorge local Rob Warwick. Two summers ago he introduced me to many of the sailing sites around the Gorge and has no problem ripping them all.

Rob Worwick 2010 from Bryan Metcalf-Perez on Vimeo.

Friday, November 12, 2010

West Meadow Explodes!

I remember debating for a while over whether or not I should purchase a 3.7.  Rio Vista is a windy place, and I sailed 5.0 or better every day, yet never too much for a 4.2 with my wave board, even in the Gorge the 3.7 came out only a handful of times. Yet as I prepared to leave California to move to New York, I couldn't help but think my quiver was incomplete without something small, and as I stood on the rocky sand at West Meadow watching overhead rollers breaking as far as the eye could see with 40knot gusts rushing over the foamy water, I laughed.
From the start I was juiced, even with my smallest gear. In an attempted to own the day I lined up a back loop ramp just a few yards from the beach, over rotating and swimming after my gear. Within twenty minutes of bailed airs and long swims I was out of breathe on the beach. Mike Burns showed up and gave it a go, but within 15 minutes he was derigging and off to the training grounds, in hopes of lighter air and flatter water. Mike Colombo came down from Connecticut rigged a 3.3, and was perfectly powered. I gained my breath and we sailed for another hour before reaching total exhaustion, ducking through huge waves that spit spray in your face just as they were about to break, thinking that even if today was the only day I used my new sail, it was worth it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

California wrap-up

After a year living in NorCal I have to say that it is astounding more people don't travel to the Bay Area to sail. From the beggining of April to the end of September somewhere in the reigon the wind broke into the low 20's EVERY DAY! I sailed 27 days in July at the Delta alone, and that was all 5.0 or smaller.
I sailed almost every morning and afternoon like clock work, and consistant ocean conditions through early summer could remedy anyone sick of the groundhogs day bump and jump forecast.
Eqaully as impressive as the consistant wind are the sailors. The level of sailing in all catagories is higher than just about every else on the mainland except maybe the Gorge, but then again alot of the hot shot Gorge sailors are transplants from the bay area. The Freestylers here can all through down, so can the wave guys, and the Racers are actually really fast.
Geographically, we were at perfect striking distance for a variety road trips. San Carlos wasn't a bad drive, nor was the Oregon coast, and my all time favorite spot, the Gorge. Not to mention 4 major airports within and hour or so drive makes escaping to other windy destinations a breeze.
California sailing is no secret, yet the amount of tourists there is limited. I guess a big part of it was that none of the shops offered adequate rental gear, especially when compared to Hood River. Still, it's so easy to fly in, rent a car, and be guarenteed sailing that more people should be visiting as a windsurfing destination, or maybe the locals just prefer to keep it all to themselves. Eitherway, California Loves windsurfers, and I will miss it this winter when I'm in my drysuite chasing the wind around Long Island.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Most Epic Trip Ever

Sure, I almost didn't make it to San Carlos, twice. First when my car broke down on I-5 then when it got stuck on the Dirt Road. The Chevy deal sent chills down my spine when they said it could take up to 3 days for parts to arrive, and the contraption of roof straps tied to ropes tied to the other van, which had a flat, seemed  more likely to snap than pull my car up the hill of loose dust.
But on the 7th full day of mast high waves and side off winds I couldn't think about anything but my next bottom turn - top turn combo. All's fair in Love and Wave sailing, and I'd of done anything not to miss a moment of the most epic trip ever.

 Derek Ripping on the Test Gear

Above: Rob Warwick says he hasn't sailed waves in 3 years, this massive  goiter says "bull shit"


Bryan Metcalf-Perez is Solid!

A  random camper scores some head hight san carlos perfection

Friday, September 24, 2010

Packing for San Carlos on Monday...

...and reviewing the list of activities that I will not be allowed to participate in.
1. Drinking heavily when Ted is driving "home"
2.Bailing while back looping,  and
3.Sleeping drunk in a tent.
I've had three minor mishaps on three of my previous trips, which means I have a streak going. What will happen to Chachi on trip 4? stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Stuff, Old Stuff

The odds that this afternoon would be productive looked good until the UPS guy knocked on my door. Nothing could have distracted me more, (since I just got home from windsurfing) than the arrival of my 2011 sails. Oh, Brown Santa, how you brought unexpected joy to my day! My pile of laundry, dirty car, and messy appartment will have to wait til tomorrow..
Immediately I began opening things, neglecting the burrito I was cooking, and consequently almost burning it. Removing the foam and tissue paper which the sails are wrapped in, I stood in awe of their beauty. The shiney, clean, uncrinkled monofilm made me grin in away only my girl friend could be jealous of. It's like Christmas in September, can't wait to get on the water with my new quiver.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weird wind

Growing up windsurfing on Long Island I never really fell for the end of summer blues. For us, September marks the peak of the Hurricane Season and the beginning of the windy season.
For a West Coaster, it means your local spot is turning off. Time to buy some Mexican Car insurance and head to Baja.
The wind here in the Delta the last two days has been, how shall I say, really weird. For most of July and August I wouldn't even check the wind, I would just go, and was able to sail both morning and afternoon everyday.
This Tuesday the wind at the end of the road wasn't even sail able. The flags hung limp from their posts and the water looked glassy. Yet a hint from an iwindsurf text message suggested that back down the road, no more than two miles away, there was wind. So follow it I did, and sure enough not only was it good, but the call was 4.2, yet looking back were I came from, it still looked dead.
I'm not one to question things, it just struck me as odd, that a body of water, with no geographical obstructions could have no wind in one spot, and then maybe less two miles away be solid blowing 25.
Then yesterday I got to the beach early in the morning. There was enough of a breeze to make some ripples on the water, but that was it. I figured I'd wait it out in my van, playing games on my Ipod until something happened.
About twenty-five minutes later Dave, a regular at Sherman, came knocking on my window. Apparently the wind picked up, but from  a different direction than normal. I could see the white caps in the channel, but couldn't feel any wind on the beach. I rigged and as soon as I got on the water I was lit out of my mind. The SW direction was keeping the inside completely flat while some knee and waist high chop began forming in the channel, the best set up I've seen since I got here. I came in and rigged down, sailed for about 45 minutes and then  the wind shut down, not returning until evening.
Yes, the wind season here in California is on it's last legs. Lucky for me I only have two weeks left to worry about it, then off to San Carlos for ten days, followed by the east coast.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Too Many Friends! Day 2

Tried to send Robby a friend request again today, still too many. Check back tomorrow.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Too Many Friends!

Today Facebook suggested Robby Naish as someone I might know. I was very excited to see that Robby had a profile, so I immediately clicked to send a request only to get a very strange message "Sorry, this user already has too many friend requests."
Wow! Robby is one popular guy! I've never heard of anything like this.
 I'm sure he's out ripping up perfect waves somewhere. I just hope that one day, he comes in, checks his facebook account, and accepts all these people so that I may have the chance to send him a request of  friendship and maybe even ask him how many requests it takes to have too many.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Treasure Island

A northern California sailor will tell you that between April and September you can sail every single day somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area if you are willing to drive. Since the 4th of July weekend, it's blown everyday at the Delta so I've had no need to travel for wind, until now.
Watching Iwindsurf on Sunday, it was apparent that a few other spots were going off while the Sherman Markers 12 and 14 danced around, well, 12 and 14mph. The out look was the same on Monday, and with the day off I called a friend and headed toward the Bay in search of wind.
Treasure Island sits under the Bay Bridge, smack in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. As you exit off the freeway onto the island you descend down a hill, looking at an almost unobstructed view of the world famous skyline. The road then levels out and rides along the clear green water and a side walk paralleled with white sand and lined with palm trees. The island appears tropical with all the lush green vegetation, and then you get out of your car only to go running back for a sweat shirt as the words of Mark Twain "The coldest winter I ever spent..." echo in your head.
With very detailed instructions, Lisa and I navigate our way through the restored, now civilian, military barracks until we see another sailor parked in front of a set of boarded up apartments, rigging on the brown, unmaintained front lawn. He escorts us behind the building and through an opening in a chain link fence toward the launch, on which hangs a sign that says "Sailboarding Prohibited." He kindly gives us the low down on the spot, then we head back to our cars to rig.
 Catapulting Aaron pulled in next to my van just as we finished setting up, so I waited briefly then followed him into the water, around the Jetti that enclosed the launch and immediately out to the middle of the bay. Winds in the solid mid twenties were sweeping the water outside the launch into knee to waist high chop,we were both well powered on 4.2's and began a bit of a freestyle session.
Spinning through a Shaka I could see everything in one glance, Alcatraz, Crissy Field, the Skyline, the Bridge, Treasure, Oakland, Berkly and then Alcatraz again. The feeling of sailing in the middle of the San Francisco bay is so surreal in the sense that one can find solitude smack in the middle of one of the largest, busiest metropolitan areas in the world. 
We sailed for maybe two hours then headed back in. I was stoked. There was no wind in the Delta, yet here I was, an hour away, just getting off the water from a 4.2 session at one of the most astounding windsurfing locations I'd ever been. Tuesday isn't looking good for Sherman, but I'm a believer that if I'm willing to fill my gas tank, I'll be sailing some where not too far away.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zero to Spock in 10 days: An interview with Jan Nilsen

Jan showed up to Rio earlier this month with the goal of landing a Vulcan in 7 days or less.
If you don't windsurf, this is a very ambitious and lofty goal for sailors at any level of the sport and is usually not met. The Vulcan is one of the most difficult moves in the sport to learn and can take people years before they make one.
So when this Colorado native showed up, his smallest sail being a 5.2 (that's most guys big sail here) and no prior attempts, we thought it would be a long shot. However Jan was committed to his goal, he had the right board and fin for the task and once on the water I don't think I saw the guy jibe once. Every single run he went for it, over and over again.
Not only did Jan meet his goal, but he exceeded it taking things one step further my landing a Spock.
I had the chance to ask Jan a few questions, and here is what he said:

Chachi: How long have you been windsurfing?
Jan: Maybe 10 years but very sporadic.

Chachi: Did you have your freestyle board before you decided to learn the Vulcan or did you buy it after you set your goal?
Jan: I got my freestyle board in the fall of last year, wanted it because of the planing capabilities and i figured it would help me do slide moves one day.

Chachi:Tell me a bit about your background as a skier?
Jan: I skied since I was little, gates first then mogul/aerials professionally on/off for 10 years.

Chachi: How many Days did it take you to land it? How did this all go down?
Jan: I had just taken a 9 day personal training class in San Diego and I was ready to have some fun. I was on a mission to land or at least get close to landing a Vulcan and I had a week to do it, all I needed was some place windy. So i drove north to Rio Vista; cool place but where's the flat water? Conditions looked a bit intimidating. Anyway, i rigged and reminded my self to "cowboy up cream puff"

Day 1 was spent looking and feeling like a cat out the window. I kept chucking airs ( probably got about 30 tries in the first day) and at the end of the day 1 i actually started to get around past 1/4 turn digging my rails in, to sliding a little. That was enough information and attempts for one day.

Day 2 the first thing I wanted to work on was the timing on the takeoff. I remember from my mogul skiing days it's all in the takeoff if you wanna fly straight and land straight. I got super cognitive in my takeoff attempts, to make sure i would not program in a faulty motor engram. This took all day, and at the end of day 2 I felt the timing was getting there. The difference this made was huge, it meant that almost every time I jumped, I now made it past the point of digging the rail in, whip lashing, ankle twisting, to a very nice slide and soft fall. Probably had another 30 tries total day 2.

Day 3 I was starting to feel the abuse from previous days carnage. I decided to sail around less to conserve energy, and only go far enough out to have enough speed to do the next vulcan attempt. The timing was there, but I knew I needed more speed. What do you know? you go twice as fast, you only have to pop half as hard. It now started to feel really good in my takeoffs but planing backwards in landing was not. Had a total of 25-30 reps day 3.

Day 4 started with my mind wanting to do more vulcan attempts, but my body thought otherwise, mind over matter right? I'm back in the water stiff as hell, forcing out some reps. Took half a day just to get warmed up. Started thinking about, for the first time, what the sail and hands were doing? This messed with the timing of the takeoff, but at the end of the day I was getting very close to landing my first vulcan.

Day 5 second attempt, I did it, I landed the vulcan, celebrated for ONE minute, ( this is how my mind works, go figure) got greedy and down on my self for not landing another one until the next day. Totally ignoring the fact of the accomplishment I came for was now in the bag!

Day 6 a much needed rest day for lack of wind. wanted more, shuffled my schedule around so I could stay another 3-5 days.

Day 7-9 I was trying to get some consistency with my vulcan and also started to try them going on port. This was almost like starting completely over again. Cognitive motor programing, but also couldn't help my self for trying spocks on my good side.

Day 10 I landed my first spock, tried the rest of the day to repeat, I couldn't.

Day 11 I was overpowered on my 5.2, tried a few tricks but realized just sailing around enjoying my self was good enough today as I only had the morning session before I had to pack up and leave to go back to Colorado. What an adventure it had been!

Chachi: Anything else you want to add?
Jan: I'll be the first one to admit it's easy to get caught up in making that vulcan or next move yesterday, at 46 feeding a pathological ego is still fun, but I also realize every day is Sunday and the wind and the waves are my church!

Thanks Jan! We're looking forward to seeing you out there again, maybe another two weeks and you'll go pro!

Photos By Brendon Baird Quinn aka "The Wind Gypsy"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Delta from the eyes of a Sick Chick

Great post Emily,
you really hit the nail on the head, it's great to read about the Delta from another point of view. How about the Gorge next year?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sick Sessions for All

This past week at the Delta was an epic one. Not because the conditions were so epic ( they were) and not because I got new gear (it comes next week), and not even because there were hot chicks windsurfing(no specific numbers but it was higher than usual). No, it's because people were out there getting shit done! First Vulcans, first spocks, first loops and first toads. Maybe something was in the air, no pun intended, but people were going for it and sticking it!
There's nothing more exciting than sucess, it breeds energy, fosters creativity and inspires others to push their limits.  With that in mind, Chachis World will be coordinating with the Wind Gypsy to bring you stories, insights, photos, and video of this past week at the Delta, because one post is not enough. Prepare yourself for awesomeness.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Team East Coast

"Wow, another guy from the east coast who rips?!" declared Lisa St. Clair after watching a totally lit up spock across the play pen.
"Yup" was all I replied,"and it's not even Mike Burns"
It can be difficult for most west coasters to imagine that anyone from the east coast can do more than jibe, let alone spock! So when Chris Eldridge of Connecticut showed up throwing Shakas, Funnels, and so on all day long last friday it was not without notice.(Although he's gotten no where near the attention as his girlfriend with her clam digger)
Though choppy, we've had wind every day this month, which Chris and Emily have been taking full advantage of for the first half of their trip. "It's not as good as Kalmus at low tide" they both agreed "but it's windy way more often."
We have been filming much of the trip and will have a video out soon, mean while Emily has taken note of all the women who windsurf out here, and is working on a post about it for her blog, Sick Chick.
The wind continues to blow over the brown waters of the Delta, and I have broken 20 days in a row 5.0 and below and no signs of stopping. See you out there!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Putting your Hero on Hold

It's no overstatement to call Francisco Goya a hero of mine, especially after watching him sail at Pistol River this past June. The guy goes huge! So when he called the shop the other day to see how business was doing, it broke my heart to have to put the World Champion wave sailor on hold, three times! I was the only guy in the shop, so I had to be available to the customers as they approached the register with questions.
I felt so bad, it would be like working at a Foot Locker and taking a phone call from Michael Jordan. "Hold on MJ, some one needs a size 12." How ridiculous? Well after speaking to Francisco for a bit, I'd have to say he's one of the nicest and most humble guys I've ever met, sorry for putting you on hold, hope to see you on the water!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Summary

If I marked on a calendar everyday I sailed this month I'd probably be out of ink. Fortunately I record that sacred data on a word file and it reads that I sailed 27 days this month! This is a personaly record for me, as I have never exceeded 21 days before. I might have also boasted that every one of those days was on a 5.0 or smaller, but I did leave the Delta to sail Crissy for two days at nationals where I used a 5.4 (it's now listed as for sale on I windsurf since I never use it).
Everyone at Sherman has been buzzing about how this has been one of the best months in a long time, and how could they not? All but two days this month had wind, the 3rd and 4th, and I dont think anyone regrets passing up those croweded days.
So no wave sailing for me this sailing this month :( , but the Nationals, followed by a post Nationals freestyle-jam format type event did occur at the Delta. Participating in events like these are always fun, it brings out a bunch of stoked sailors and shows how high the level of sailing has gotten over the years. We saw some big named hot shots from the Gorge on the Levee who drew crowds and cheers from windsurfers and non windsurfers alike. Can't wait to do it again!
The Delta Windsurf Co. began their Paddle race series, and are now 4 races deep, however attendance was low this race due in part to the fact that everyone was exhausted from sailing so much. They had an awesome BBQ by the way, so it might be worth taking some time off the water to check out next week.
I'm looking forward to August, as I have a list of tricks that I need to start hacking away at before heading back east.
The RVWA has a fund raiser this coming Saturday at the sign, so be sure to show up and support them. Also  East Coast hot shot Chris Eldridge is making his way out to the Bay Area this month, I'll bet he's excited to windsurf in August for a change.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nationals Expression Session Video

I found this posted on the iwindsurf forum, not sure who put it together but some great highlights from Fridays Freestyle Session. My Favorite is Andy  Brandts range of highwind and lightwind moves. He's got a few freestyle camps taking place out here in the Delta this August, FYI.

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 25th Expression Session Video

A few Clips from Sundays Session


Sherman today.

Any They're saying the same thing tomorrow!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sloppy Seconds

That's what it seemed like to me, Sloppy Seconds. We were all greatful that the US National Windsurfing Championships included freestyle at the event, but after sitting around  in the cold all day watching endless slalom heats in nuking wind only to an organizer tell me "oh yea, i guess we could do freestyle" was well, frustrating.
We finally took to the water on the last day of competition as winds diminished and managed to get through a few rounds of single elmination format before the wind and water currents totally shut us down.
The awards dinner was great, we heard all about the tremendous athletes who braved the conditions in course racing, formula, and slalom, but for the organization who boast and hoast the championships of our sport ignored its fastest growing indication that they were a bit out of touch.
Fortunatly Windsport and RRD under stand that there is more to windsurfing than racing and got together to organize a freestyle event of their own out in the delta. We saw all the top talent of the West Coast and representing their hard work today in 25+ knots of wind. All the other sailors cleared to water, without being asked, and watched eagerly from the shores. Loud cheers were heard everytime a move was attempted, and even the occasional "I didn't know they could do that" was murmered on the beach.
In the end we all had great time just being at the beach supporting each other, and I know for sure that the people watching got a fresh breath of life from the sport they love.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Yacht

When filling out my application for US Windsurfing National Championships today I noticed a mandatory field which required the name of my Yacht. I am officially captain of the 232cm  Rodeo sailing vessel. Ironic even more so since my board is the shortest freestyle stick on the market.
But size does not matter because with the registration of my new vessel comes many priveledges such as access to the St.Francis Yatch club, including the saunas and spas. This is very generous of them, but I see this going down kind of like the scene in Catty Shack where they opened up the pool to the catties.
Anyway, it's great that freestyle will be represented at the largest windsurfing competion on the mainland, and I'm excited to be participating.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

This week at Sherman

5 days in a row of solid 4.2 at the delta and I'm feeling good. People are starting to set their watches by the wind, and rightfully so. I've haven't seen so many happy faces on the beach in quite a while and if things continue like this then there're sure to be more.
Today might be a bit lighter, just in time for the first of 8 SUP races taking place every Saturday, which should be alot of fun. See you on the water!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Solid 4.2, again.

Yesterdays 8 hour sail started on 4.2, then 4.7, then 4.2 again. I worked on all the tricks I could think of until every muscle in my body was sore. I had so much fun and smiled so hard that you would think it was my first time on the poo brown delta water, but it wasn't. I love days off when the wind blows from sunrise to sunset, but if I had known today was going to blow 30's (mid day "lulls" were to 26mph) all day, I would have saved some energy.
This morning I woke up early, around 7am, and got on the water for about an hour before work, fully lit 4.2 on the wave stick. Every muscle in my body was sore from the day before, but I still got out. I then headed over to the shop and proceeded to fill request after request for small sails and boards until 5, then went back out on the water for another fully lit 4.2 session on the 75ltr. (I still don't regret passing up the 3.7, thanks to whoever put the lower grommet on the my Norths this year)
I'm physically exhausted! but wind is in the forecast and I can't think of anything else I'd rather do.
I hope it's windy where you are, but if it's not come join us getting dirty at the Delta!

Above: Sherman Marker 12 from 7/05/2010
Left: Sherman Marker 14 from 7/06/2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Windsurfing Look-a-Likes, Yes I was Bored.

If Taty put on a Lakers jersey while sailing one might think Kobe Bryant had found a new hobby, or that Taty lost his rash guard. Eitherway, they both dominate their sports with style.

Are we sure windsurfing instructor Jason Voss wasn't in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshal'?Hey Jason, "Have you seen my Sandal?"
Paskoski and Tarantino, no wonder Andre makes such sick films!

It's the hair! Young Michael Jackson and Sarah Quita. He topped Charts, she topped the womens PWA tour. Thriller!

 Laure Treboux could be Tina Fey's stunt double perhaps? If Laure  does a Sarah Palin impression maybe the otherway around.

Former board tester and windsurfing globe trotter Mike Colombo smiles because he's got beer, Edward Norton is angry because he can't have any.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Windsurfing Movie II

The mainland US premier of the Windsurfing Movie II is tomorrow night and within a 6 hour drive of my current location. I'm not going.
I want to see this thing with every fiber of my being. I watched many days as they filmed in the Gorge last season and have long anticipated it's release.
It's not the the distance is too far, nor that any obligations exist which would restrain me.
No, the reason is that tomorrow and wensday are going to blow here, and not so much there.
Sorry guys, I'll catch it on DVD some other time, but right now I need to go windsurfing.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here's a video of some freestyle happening at Sherman. Not bad for only 30minutes of shooting.

Untitled from jon sassone on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Camanche Yesterday; Plus East Coast Windfest Update

We made it up to the Camanche Reservoir yesterday to take advantage of the unseasonable northerly winds. The last time Amy and I were there was during a rain storm in April, with almost no visibility and muddy waters, so the blue skies, clear water, and snow capped Sierras looming over head was a real contrast. Even better, we launched from the South Shore of lake this time and found not only flat water, but the mellow chop perfect for freestyle which I've only experience once before, at Lac Bay. 

Windsurfing is a very special sport, in that it inspires you to go out and find places that you would normally over look. I can't think of a reason to have ever gone there besides to windsurf, and upon arrival, I was content in just being there, in admiration of the landscape. Being able to sail was just a bonus.  

In other news the East Coast Windsurfing Festival is under was and they've broken the 20mph barrier on the first day! It was much to my regret that I couldn't be there this year, but the fact that they're having a blast is enough to get me stoked. Word on the street is there is a massive judging dilemma on how to call the moves in the Pro Division. Which is should win; a Shaka, a switch Chacho, or a Donkey Jibe? Inside sources say the old school grabbed some unanticipated support, but we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out the verdict. Good luck to all who are participating!
Right: Chris Eldridge throws a switch chacho between heats at the 2010 ECWF.
Photo by Bill Doutney.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Streak

It's seems like the season is finally under way here in the Delta. Memorial day and everyday since I've gone out on 5.4 of smaller, bringing me up to 9 days in a row so far. My personal record is 13 days in a row, which was set last June in the Gorge. So will Rio Vista claim the record, or will my Gorge summer forever be my windiest? 
It's hard to tell, and so far it looks like Friday, the all important and pivotal 12th day, is not looking good, but anything can happen. As it is, yesterday, day number 8, and today should not have happened due to Sundays mishap. (It's amazing what a fist full of pain killers can do.) 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jump, Jibe, and Bail: I might have Michael Alex beat!

Sherman absolutely fired this afternoon! After a brief stop at the shop Amy, Lisa, and myself shot over to Powerlines around 3:30 to find a handful of sailors getting off the water to rig down. Alex was still out on his 5.0 but looking very powered, so  I rigged a 4.2 and decided to try out my new 75ltr F2 Rebel, with the Rodeo in my back pocket if it wasn't enough(it was plenty). Amy and Lisa rigged three somethings and we hit the water.
I've never been so on fire before, I was hitting full on planning Ponches one right after the other, Looping and so on. The girls we excited to see some ramps and got to working on their jumps. Both Amy and Lisa looked very good for two girls in their 2nd and 3rd seasons of windsurfing and they held on tight as the wind steadily built into the 30's. (Most of the guys had already called it quits) I really give them both credit for charging it today, and this is only the beginning of the season!
I ended up on the D.L. after a Ponch gone wrong. A bit over powered I botched my take off and swung out of the straps, landing with all my weight on my right thigh on top of the board. Micheal Alex, the bruise is coming on and I might have you beat! Then again I don't bruise too easily so we'll have to wait 'til it shows up tomorrow. At any rate I may be off the water for a few days as I can't bend my leg too much.
Today was day number 7 in a row, and it nuked. Tomorrow and all the days in the extended forecast look good, so if you're thinking about visiting the Delta get on it! The season is on!