Monday, January 18, 2010

Gear Guide- Wetsuites

For Amy's Birthday I got her a brand new 4/3 wetsuite, today was her first day wearing it. As with most new gear, she had several questions concerning the specs and proper use, especially since it was her first 4/3. Lucky for her, I was there with my expert knowledge ready for guidance.
The conversation went as follows:

Amy: (After sailing) Since the 4/3 is a semi-dry, is it still OK to pee in it?
Me: Yea, I pee in mine.
Amy: Ok, good.

For those of you who need thicker suites than a 4/3 this winter, use the following for guidance: it's ok to pee in up to, but no more than 5mm of neopreme. Peeing in drysuites is obserd and should be punished, but no more severly than not peeing in a peeable thickness of neopreme when need be, especially if one should ever break from sailing to remove their wetsuite to pee and then put it back on to resume sailing afterwards.
I hope that sets some minds at ease, and keeps some bodies warm in these coldest months of sailing.

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