Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's about time!

I finally got to sail today, for the first time this month! In fact, in the last two months I've sailed two days. It's hard to spend so much time away from the water but the windy season is about to start, so I'm very much looking foward to spending the next few months sailing!
The day was very up and down to start. Amy crapped out early so I jumped on her Techno and did some free riding. It was actually alot of fun, and I got to work on some old school freestyle moves and basic technique.  
Once the wind stablized a bit I was able to get out on my own gear and worked on some new moves which I will be throwing down at the ECWF in June. Unfortuately, the wind didn't last for too long so I was forced to go home and celebrate with tequilla night. Magritas were the call, tequilla with a splash of mix, just the way I like it. Cheers the start of a new season!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Chachi's World Wide Website

For those of you who just don't get enough Chachi from my blog, I've created a website. I hope to create something a little more comprehensive than the blog, which I will continue to update. Enjoy! (no, i didn't shell out the big bucks to host my own domain, but I can dream).