Monday, May 10, 2010

Delta Force

Amy and I arrived at Sherman around 5 O'clock to find Alex lit up on his 4.0. This was a pleasant surprise, as I was sure the strong winds would die off by the time we got to there. Fortunately, I was wrong. The wind was still very strong and I was surprised to see Amy pull out her 4.2 and not 3.7, but since she started sailing a smaller board I shrugged it off. She hit the water and took off like a bat out of hell, and she stuck it out for a while until the gusts started reaching into the mid 30's. By the time she got into the beach she was exhausted, but a huge smile stretched across her face.
I was blasting around on my wave board and eventually managed to pull in front of Alex on starboard. I figured since I told him I landed a loop while he was stuck in class the other day, I'd better come through with a solid rotation for him to see. I accelerated off the wind, head on into a meaty knee high ramp with way more speed than I would have liked. The board turned down and the sail loaded with power. I really really did not want to do it, but with an audience I did not want to chicken out. I sheeted in and spun. The nose of the board pointed down toward the water in that scary 'about to die' way that only fowards do, I looked for a second then closed my eyes and tucked. This was way too fast for me to be comfortable considering I just landed my first loop on startboard two days ago and I knew a crash would be bone jarring. Fortunately, the rig spun through all the way and I sailed out of it, but my heart was pounding the inside of my chest like it might pop through my ribs.
This inspired Alex who then decided to try a few fowards also, all of which were very close. Infact, as close as one could possibly get without actually sailing away. By my count, he's right around ten tries total, and on track to land a loop within the next two sessions. Not bad, not at all.
After about 2 hours the wind backed off and we packed it up for the day. On the way out we ran into the Dereks who had just sailed powerlines. They both agreed it was epic, and that Amy and I would need to join them next time it's ebbing and nuking.Tomorrow has some promise, but the rest of the week is predicted to fade. We'll see how that plays out since today was forcast for 18-22. Hope everyone else got some.

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  1. I'm glad you guys are finally getting some wind out there! Way to go on those starboard tack forwards too!!! Just wait and se how easy everything is on the Rodeo. That's coming this week for you right?