Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Summary: an Explaination of Why I Missed the Lost Series Finale

After getting blown off the water at Sherman Friday evening, Amy and I decided to make a break for the coast on Saturday to meet up with Alex, who was staying with some friends in Santa Cruz.
During the drive we got a call saying that the winds were backing off by the ocean, so we jumped on the San Mateo bridge and crossed over to third for a quick freestyle session.
The wind was really up and down and the chop was coming from all different directions, so I only sailed for a short time before packing it up.
Amy found a band playing in Santa Cruz, so we headed south and found a camp ground near by, pitched a tent, and then went into town for the night. It ended up being a Samba band, who absolutely rocked. Everybody in the place was moving, and by the end of the night my hips were so soar I had no idea how I was going to sail the next moring.
We woke up Sunday, grabbed a bite to eat in town and then headed out to Daveport. The swell was messy, but the winds were picking up so I rigged up my new Duke 5.4 and got out.
They say it's a bad idea to sail new gear in the surf, but that's what I bought the sail for so I figured might as well use it. Anyway, I jibed out of my first wave only to find myself face to face with a big meat eater section of a wave. I wanted to try to pop over it but I had absolutely no power in my sail; needless to say I got run over but the logo high freight train without a chance of getting out of the way. 
When I popped up there was another wave coming so tactfully sunk my sail. Luckly, it didn't break. I then water started and made it to the beach. The sail was fine, but my head was throbbing a bit from something hitting me during the wipeout.  
Alex then went out on his 5.8, but was over powered. We both rerigged to 5.0 and sailed until we couldn't hold on anymore.
It was hard to find good rides, though the regulars seemed to know where the waves would pop up pretty well. Some of the guys were shooting for a break right next to the cliff where the wind was really light. This of course made for some interesting situations as we watched rigs wash up on the rocks. One of the locals said it was a pretty messy day in terms of swell, and that normally the waves are much cleaner and more consistant. I'm looking forward to getting back there for another day sometime in the near future, but for right now I'm hoping to get some freestyle in on my new Rodeo which is due to arrive this week. 


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