Saturday, June 12, 2010

Camanche Yesterday; Plus East Coast Windfest Update

We made it up to the Camanche Reservoir yesterday to take advantage of the unseasonable northerly winds. The last time Amy and I were there was during a rain storm in April, with almost no visibility and muddy waters, so the blue skies, clear water, and snow capped Sierras looming over head was a real contrast. Even better, we launched from the South Shore of lake this time and found not only flat water, but the mellow chop perfect for freestyle which I've only experience once before, at Lac Bay. 

Windsurfing is a very special sport, in that it inspires you to go out and find places that you would normally over look. I can't think of a reason to have ever gone there besides to windsurf, and upon arrival, I was content in just being there, in admiration of the landscape. Being able to sail was just a bonus.  

In other news the East Coast Windsurfing Festival is under was and they've broken the 20mph barrier on the first day! It was much to my regret that I couldn't be there this year, but the fact that they're having a blast is enough to get me stoked. Word on the street is there is a massive judging dilemma on how to call the moves in the Pro Division. Which is should win; a Shaka, a switch Chacho, or a Donkey Jibe? Inside sources say the old school grabbed some unanticipated support, but we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out the verdict. Good luck to all who are participating!
Right: Chris Eldridge throws a switch chacho between heats at the 2010 ECWF.
Photo by Bill Doutney.

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  1. A Donkey jibe always beats a shaka or a switch chacho!!!! thats why I invented the Full Moon and tried to teach Chris. If he would have pulled that one out he would have had the last laugh TWICE!