Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jump, Jibe, and Bail: I might have Michael Alex beat!

Sherman absolutely fired this afternoon! After a brief stop at the shop Amy, Lisa, and myself shot over to Powerlines around 3:30 to find a handful of sailors getting off the water to rig down. Alex was still out on his 5.0 but looking very powered, so  I rigged a 4.2 and decided to try out my new 75ltr F2 Rebel, with the Rodeo in my back pocket if it wasn't enough(it was plenty). Amy and Lisa rigged three somethings and we hit the water.
I've never been so on fire before, I was hitting full on planning Ponches one right after the other, Looping and so on. The girls we excited to see some ramps and got to working on their jumps. Both Amy and Lisa looked very good for two girls in their 2nd and 3rd seasons of windsurfing and they held on tight as the wind steadily built into the 30's. (Most of the guys had already called it quits) I really give them both credit for charging it today, and this is only the beginning of the season!
I ended up on the D.L. after a Ponch gone wrong. A bit over powered I botched my take off and swung out of the straps, landing with all my weight on my right thigh on top of the board. Micheal Alex, the bruise is coming on and I might have you beat! Then again I don't bruise too easily so we'll have to wait 'til it shows up tomorrow. At any rate I may be off the water for a few days as I can't bend my leg too much.
Today was day number 7 in a row, and it nuked. Tomorrow and all the days in the extended forecast look good, so if you're thinking about visiting the Delta get on it! The season is on!


  1. I did the same thing on a ponch a couple years ago. I took the universal joint right to the hip and that ended the session. Glad you got some though. Sounds exactly like the day I missed yesterday. Low 30s at Heckscher and 90 degrees outside! I was busy shooting a wedding outdoors with a tornado warning.

  2. Everyday that you shoot a wedding from May-August is 4.7 or better and sunny. Hopefully you're booked up.