Monday, June 28, 2010

Windsurfing Movie II

The mainland US premier of the Windsurfing Movie II is tomorrow night and within a 6 hour drive of my current location. I'm not going.
I want to see this thing with every fiber of my being. I watched many days as they filmed in the Gorge last season and have long anticipated it's release.
It's not the the distance is too far, nor that any obligations exist which would restrain me.
No, the reason is that tomorrow and wensday are going to blow here, and not so much there.
Sorry guys, I'll catch it on DVD some other time, but right now I need to go windsurfing.


  1. Ha Ha For sure! this morning was 4.0 and 88L o'pd should rock all day! and tomorrow should be just as good!

  2. Watching windsurfing or actually windsurfing........ decisions, decisions.