Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Summary

If I marked on a calendar everyday I sailed this month I'd probably be out of ink. Fortunately I record that sacred data on a word file and it reads that I sailed 27 days this month! This is a personaly record for me, as I have never exceeded 21 days before. I might have also boasted that every one of those days was on a 5.0 or smaller, but I did leave the Delta to sail Crissy for two days at nationals where I used a 5.4 (it's now listed as for sale on I windsurf since I never use it).
Everyone at Sherman has been buzzing about how this has been one of the best months in a long time, and how could they not? All but two days this month had wind, the 3rd and 4th, and I dont think anyone regrets passing up those croweded days.
So no wave sailing for me this sailing this month :( , but the Nationals, followed by a post Nationals freestyle-jam format type event did occur at the Delta. Participating in events like these are always fun, it brings out a bunch of stoked sailors and shows how high the level of sailing has gotten over the years. We saw some big named hot shots from the Gorge on the Levee who drew crowds and cheers from windsurfers and non windsurfers alike. Can't wait to do it again!
The Delta Windsurf Co. began their Paddle race series, and are now 4 races deep, however attendance was low this race due in part to the fact that everyone was exhausted from sailing so much. They had an awesome BBQ by the way, so it might be worth taking some time off the water to check out next week.
I'm looking forward to August, as I have a list of tricks that I need to start hacking away at before heading back east.
The RVWA has a fund raiser this coming Saturday at the sign, so be sure to show up and support them. Also  East Coast hot shot Chris Eldridge is making his way out to the Bay Area this month, I'll bet he's excited to windsurf in August for a change.


  1. Be careful about posting how windy it is out here. There are a few grumpy east coasters who may give you some grief. :P