Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Yacht

When filling out my application for US Windsurfing National Championships today I noticed a mandatory field which required the name of my Yacht. I am officially captain of the 232cm  Rodeo sailing vessel. Ironic even more so since my board is the shortest freestyle stick on the market.
But size does not matter because with the registration of my new vessel comes many priveledges such as access to the St.Francis Yatch club, including the saunas and spas. This is very generous of them, but I see this going down kind of like the scene in Catty Shack where they opened up the pool to the catties.
Anyway, it's great that freestyle will be represented at the largest windsurfing competion on the mainland, and I'm excited to be participating.


  1. Good luck Chachi! And knowing you Mr. Gypsy, you won't need a Baby Ruth!

    By the way the Rodeo is 225Cm.