Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sick Sessions for All

This past week at the Delta was an epic one. Not because the conditions were so epic ( they were) and not because I got new gear (it comes next week), and not even because there were hot chicks windsurfing(no specific numbers but it was higher than usual). No, it's because people were out there getting shit done! First Vulcans, first spocks, first loops and first toads. Maybe something was in the air, no pun intended, but people were going for it and sticking it!
There's nothing more exciting than sucess, it breeds energy, fosters creativity and inspires others to push their limits.  With that in mind, Chachis World will be coordinating with the Wind Gypsy to bring you stories, insights, photos, and video of this past week at the Delta, because one post is not enough. Prepare yourself for awesomeness.

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