Thursday, August 12, 2010

Team East Coast

"Wow, another guy from the east coast who rips?!" declared Lisa St. Clair after watching a totally lit up spock across the play pen.
"Yup" was all I replied,"and it's not even Mike Burns"
It can be difficult for most west coasters to imagine that anyone from the east coast can do more than jibe, let alone spock! So when Chris Eldridge of Connecticut showed up throwing Shakas, Funnels, and so on all day long last friday it was not without notice.(Although he's gotten no where near the attention as his girlfriend with her clam digger)
Though choppy, we've had wind every day this month, which Chris and Emily have been taking full advantage of for the first half of their trip. "It's not as good as Kalmus at low tide" they both agreed "but it's windy way more often."
We have been filming much of the trip and will have a video out soon, mean while Emily has taken note of all the women who windsurf out here, and is working on a post about it for her blog, Sick Chick.
The wind continues to blow over the brown waters of the Delta, and I have broken 20 days in a row 5.0 and below and no signs of stopping. See you out there!


  1. It is kinda amazing when people from the east coast are good. I would say the "sailing level" out west is higher, on average. I didn't start making jibes consistently until I moved out here a couple years ago. That said, my life on the east coast wasn't well setup for windsurfing. Even if there was wind, I was too traffic locked to get to it on week days, not to mention DC isn't windy in general.

    I think Long Island is actually pretty good, judging by the folks I've met. It might not be outer banks windy, but at least people seem to be able to set up their life where they can have a career and still get a pretty good amount of sailing days.

    I've been known to make east/west comparisons, but it was based on my personal experience and the situation I was in when I was living in DC, which wouldn't be accurate for the 2500 mile stretch of coast line.

  2. Chachi, you're doing well representing the East Coast out there!!! That is if you're still on our team. Wait until you get back here this fall and see how many guys broke through into the aerial freestyle since you left.