Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Stuff, Old Stuff

The odds that this afternoon would be productive looked good until the UPS guy knocked on my door. Nothing could have distracted me more, (since I just got home from windsurfing) than the arrival of my 2011 sails. Oh, Brown Santa, how you brought unexpected joy to my day! My pile of laundry, dirty car, and messy appartment will have to wait til tomorrow..
Immediately I began opening things, neglecting the burrito I was cooking, and consequently almost burning it. Removing the foam and tissue paper which the sails are wrapped in, I stood in awe of their beauty. The shiney, clean, uncrinkled monofilm made me grin in away only my girl friend could be jealous of. It's like Christmas in September, can't wait to get on the water with my new quiver.

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