Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weird wind

Growing up windsurfing on Long Island I never really fell for the end of summer blues. For us, September marks the peak of the Hurricane Season and the beginning of the windy season.
For a West Coaster, it means your local spot is turning off. Time to buy some Mexican Car insurance and head to Baja.
The wind here in the Delta the last two days has been, how shall I say, really weird. For most of July and August I wouldn't even check the wind, I would just go, and was able to sail both morning and afternoon everyday.
This Tuesday the wind at the end of the road wasn't even sail able. The flags hung limp from their posts and the water looked glassy. Yet a hint from an iwindsurf text message suggested that back down the road, no more than two miles away, there was wind. So follow it I did, and sure enough not only was it good, but the call was 4.2, yet looking back were I came from, it still looked dead.
I'm not one to question things, it just struck me as odd, that a body of water, with no geographical obstructions could have no wind in one spot, and then maybe less two miles away be solid blowing 25.
Then yesterday I got to the beach early in the morning. There was enough of a breeze to make some ripples on the water, but that was it. I figured I'd wait it out in my van, playing games on my Ipod until something happened.
About twenty-five minutes later Dave, a regular at Sherman, came knocking on my window. Apparently the wind picked up, but from  a different direction than normal. I could see the white caps in the channel, but couldn't feel any wind on the beach. I rigged and as soon as I got on the water I was lit out of my mind. The SW direction was keeping the inside completely flat while some knee and waist high chop began forming in the channel, the best set up I've seen since I got here. I came in and rigged down, sailed for about 45 minutes and then  the wind shut down, not returning until evening.
Yes, the wind season here in California is on it's last legs. Lucky for me I only have two weeks left to worry about it, then off to San Carlos for ten days, followed by the east coast.

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  1. The season only really ends, for a couple months if you lived in the bay area! In January you could start surfing and windsurfing the waves till march. Then the wind goes to the SF Bay until June where it goes to rio until August, Treasure Island till Sept. Nov, Dec are the only two sketchy months but you do have Mexico.