Sunday, October 10, 2010

Most Epic Trip Ever

Sure, I almost didn't make it to San Carlos, twice. First when my car broke down on I-5 then when it got stuck on the Dirt Road. The Chevy deal sent chills down my spine when they said it could take up to 3 days for parts to arrive, and the contraption of roof straps tied to ropes tied to the other van, which had a flat, seemed  more likely to snap than pull my car up the hill of loose dust.
But on the 7th full day of mast high waves and side off winds I couldn't think about anything but my next bottom turn - top turn combo. All's fair in Love and Wave sailing, and I'd of done anything not to miss a moment of the most epic trip ever.

 Derek Ripping on the Test Gear

Above: Rob Warwick says he hasn't sailed waves in 3 years, this massive  goiter says "bull shit"


Bryan Metcalf-Perez is Solid!

A  random camper scores some head hight san carlos perfection