Thursday, October 21, 2010

California wrap-up

After a year living in NorCal I have to say that it is astounding more people don't travel to the Bay Area to sail. From the beggining of April to the end of September somewhere in the reigon the wind broke into the low 20's EVERY DAY! I sailed 27 days in July at the Delta alone, and that was all 5.0 or smaller.
I sailed almost every morning and afternoon like clock work, and consistant ocean conditions through early summer could remedy anyone sick of the groundhogs day bump and jump forecast.
Eqaully as impressive as the consistant wind are the sailors. The level of sailing in all catagories is higher than just about every else on the mainland except maybe the Gorge, but then again alot of the hot shot Gorge sailors are transplants from the bay area. The Freestylers here can all through down, so can the wave guys, and the Racers are actually really fast.
Geographically, we were at perfect striking distance for a variety road trips. San Carlos wasn't a bad drive, nor was the Oregon coast, and my all time favorite spot, the Gorge. Not to mention 4 major airports within and hour or so drive makes escaping to other windy destinations a breeze.
California sailing is no secret, yet the amount of tourists there is limited. I guess a big part of it was that none of the shops offered adequate rental gear, especially when compared to Hood River. Still, it's so easy to fly in, rent a car, and be guarenteed sailing that more people should be visiting as a windsurfing destination, or maybe the locals just prefer to keep it all to themselves. Eitherway, California Loves windsurfers, and I will miss it this winter when I'm in my drysuite chasing the wind around Long Island.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Most Epic Trip Ever

Sure, I almost didn't make it to San Carlos, twice. First when my car broke down on I-5 then when it got stuck on the Dirt Road. The Chevy deal sent chills down my spine when they said it could take up to 3 days for parts to arrive, and the contraption of roof straps tied to ropes tied to the other van, which had a flat, seemed  more likely to snap than pull my car up the hill of loose dust.
But on the 7th full day of mast high waves and side off winds I couldn't think about anything but my next bottom turn - top turn combo. All's fair in Love and Wave sailing, and I'd of done anything not to miss a moment of the most epic trip ever.

 Derek Ripping on the Test Gear

Above: Rob Warwick says he hasn't sailed waves in 3 years, this massive  goiter says "bull shit"


Bryan Metcalf-Perez is Solid!

A  random camper scores some head hight san carlos perfection