Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rob Warwick Video

Here's another great clip from Cold Water productions, this time of Gorge local Rob Warwick. Two summers ago he introduced me to many of the sailing sites around the Gorge and has no problem ripping them all.

Rob Worwick 2010 from Bryan Metcalf-Perez on Vimeo.

Friday, November 12, 2010

West Meadow Explodes!

I remember debating for a while over whether or not I should purchase a 3.7.  Rio Vista is a windy place, and I sailed 5.0 or better every day, yet never too much for a 4.2 with my wave board, even in the Gorge the 3.7 came out only a handful of times. Yet as I prepared to leave California to move to New York, I couldn't help but think my quiver was incomplete without something small, and as I stood on the rocky sand at West Meadow watching overhead rollers breaking as far as the eye could see with 40knot gusts rushing over the foamy water, I laughed.
From the start I was juiced, even with my smallest gear. In an attempted to own the day I lined up a back loop ramp just a few yards from the beach, over rotating and swimming after my gear. Within twenty minutes of bailed airs and long swims I was out of breathe on the beach. Mike Burns showed up and gave it a go, but within 15 minutes he was derigging and off to the training grounds, in hopes of lighter air and flatter water. Mike Colombo came down from Connecticut rigged a 3.3, and was perfectly powered. I gained my breath and we sailed for another hour before reaching total exhaustion, ducking through huge waves that spit spray in your face just as they were about to break, thinking that even if today was the only day I used my new sail, it was worth it.