Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Time

It was only a few weeks ago that I was rigging in my snowboard outfit, climbing plow mounds to get to the water and watching ice form on my Ice.
But spring is here and the temperatures are quickly rising, the water is almost 40 degrees and the has snow has all but disappeared. 
Gradually, people are making their way to their favorite launch sites,  coming out of the wood works to rejoin with those who never hung up their harness for the winter.
Saturday was warm enough to shed the hood and gloves for the first time since November, allowing for a heightened sense of sail and weather. Feeling the boom against the skin of my lightly callused palms and listening to the gusts of wind as air rushed over my now naked ears I quickly forgot about the months of numb, muted, conservative sailing. A more ferine approach awoke from it's hibernated state, attacking move after move until every muscle in my body was weak from exertion. My sudden spike in motivation seemed all but unprecedented as the confines of the cold were now lifted. If not for anything else brumal windsurfing instills an unrivaled passion into its sparse population, amplified by the appreciation for regained senses and a distinct feeling of readiness for the on coming season.
Spring is here and it's on, go get some!