Thursday, July 14, 2011

Road Trip!!!

Checking the forecast for Tuesday, I confirmed that the wind outlook for Long Island sucked. This was terrible as it was Monday afternoon and Heckscher was firing while I, of all places, was stuck at work. You see, Monday is the only day of the week I work late and on this particular Monday, a co worker of mine had already called in sick, reducing my chances of making it to the beach to zero.
However, I am a wind addict, and I do not give up so easily. Because while I sat at work watching the meters boost out of control, plans were being made for a road trip in search of wind. A facebook conversation between Graham F and I had tipped me off that there would be wind in the region, about 5 1/2 hours away.
Yes, the forecast for Long Island sucked, but Cape Cod was still showing signs of hope. And even though winds were only predicted to last through noon, at best, desperation had a hold of me and an offer from Chris Eldridge to crash at his place sealed the deal.
Leaving from work at 9pm, I proceeded straight to the Cape, arriving to Chris' place at 2:30am, and making it to sleep at 3am.
6:45am, my alarm goes off. I check the wind, it's dropping. Disappointed, I go back to sleep.
7:00am, Chris walks into the room, and tells me to get up, it's windy.
Kalmus is a fantastic place to windsurf. I'd been there once, about four years ago, which was the last time I sailed Cape Cod. The spot offers everything from glass flat water to knee high chop, perfect for all types of freestyle mahem. On this particular morning, the wind was moderate to strong, so I rigged a 4.7 and threw in my 16cm koi, expecting that it would be my only chance at the smaller gear before the wind dropped off.
Once on the water, I was surprised at how powered I was and took a few runs in front of the launch before heading into the back bay for the flattest water I've ever sailed. It seemed like every time I did a trick, it was the cleanest I ever landed... until the next one. Once that got old, we headed into the channel, where there was some small, but playful rolling chop. The wind began to fill in even more, changing the trick menu from flat water sliders to ariel antics.
We sailed until the wind finally died, around noon, breaking only for breakfast, 4.7 the whole time. In my head, I debated over which should be the highlight of the trip: seeing a ferry named "Gay Head" (which I'd post a picture of but I'm afraid to google) or watching a windsurfing almost kill himself going for a no handed carve jibe dangerously close to a jetti trying to impress two young women in bikinis.
Hmm, bikinis or Gay Head, perhaps another trip Cape Cod is in order.

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  1. So I googled where I've never googled before to finish up your story. Turns out Gay Head was designed by someone named Cox. No joke. Here's a link for those that want to learn more about Gay Head:

    Glad you scored in the cape Chachi!!