Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Heckscher Blow Out

The forecast for last Wednesday of "upper teens" did not seem to sit right with some of us here on the island, above all for Mike Burns. An approaching cold front coupled with the warm temperatures is a classic set up for an easy low 20's blow, which is what Mike believed the forecast should have read.
So the day before I got a phone call "I emailed 'them' to let them know how they keep under forecasting the Great South Bay" said Mike, in some sort of angst. Then, reading through the yahoo group, a post by Mike guaranteed 4.7 the next day. "I can already hear my 4.7 is calling my name."
Mike has become Long Islands version of a Temira Wagonfeld when it comes to forecasting summer thermals, but this charade had to risk being a wind Jinx. You can't just run around saying things like that, even if we all agree, it just doesn't sit well with the wind gods. Even so, the small boards were loaded in the van as a precaution and I double checked for the 3.7 which has not seen daylight since Hatteras last April.
Was Mike right? By Price is Right rules perhaps, he guessed closer to the number than our premium forecast service, but still by the time I got to the beach at 4:30 Mike was lit on 3.7 as we had sustained winds in the upper 20's, gusting to 30.
So if you're thinking about coming to this years East Coast Wind Fest, look to only one forecast, and don't forget your small gear, because anything can happen at Heckscher and if you aren't ready for it, you could miss and epic session.