Monday, September 26, 2011

Who Killed the Wind?!

Here on Long Island, August is not a very windy time of year. If windsurfing was a traditional sport, I'd say that our August off season is followed up directly with the Playoffs of the Fall windy season. It's a feast after famine transition how we go from weeks of 9.0 wouldn't go to "where'd I leave my 3.7, is that going to be too big?" From an athlete's perspective, it's like showing up to the rink after weeks of golfing and being told that you'll be playing for the Stanley Cup tomorrow night.
This August was started out quite typical and actually ended a with a bit more windy days than usual. Then September hit and BAM! It was windy almost everyday for the first two weeks and things were great! So what happened? It's been over ten days since I've rigged a sail. I even made binding plans last saturday, my day off, in advance, and even that didn't stir up a tempting gust.
So here we are, starving through the middle of September. Hopefully the feast of frontal sailing is on it's way, because I need a fix and soon.