Friday, January 13, 2012

Mysto Thursday

Sailing head high down the line waves with a Freestyle board is like taking home a smoking hot girl and realzing that you don't have any protection. Damn right, you do it anyway and worry about the consequences later.

This is me mid consequence.Too bad you can't pick up a wave board at the local convience store...

The reason I'm on a freestyle board is because of the forecast, there was nothing suggesting a wave session, but when I woke up Thursday at Amy's house the meters reading east and in the mid 30's. My "Mysto" alarm immidiately and I bolted out the door to C.I.B.
The sustained winds were around 40 mph and waves were pushing over head, which isn't bad considering this in not an ocean break, but a wind swell that takes form from a perfectly place point.
Sailing rediculously over powered I managed a few top turns and aerials on the smaller sections, but it took alot of energy to hold on and after a few runs my fore arms were burning.
The peaks up in the corner had some size, and after a few conservative turns I decided to try to tuck in for some real lick smackers, which of course is where the freestyle board met its limit. Wrapping around the nose dug into the wave and I got ejected. Actually, several times this happened as I was not willing to accept the rejection, but in the end the wind and waves were winning.
Feeling fatigued, and in need of some documented proof, I ran to the car grabbed my helmet cam to film the last couple of runs. 


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  2. One word.... Clew-View! Oh wait that is two words.